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Does one size fit all? 

Well when it comes to events, we know that the answer is most definitely no. No two events are the same and when you book Chrisco Productions you won’t get an off-the-shelf solution.

We’ve got the right team, with the right experience and passion to create a custom-fit events package that will take your event vision from idea to reality.

Chrisco Productions bring together experience, expertise as well as leading edge mirror booth technology to deliver a full-service events solution that creates, captures and shares memories and moments.


Beautiful Events

Whether it’s a corporate brand activation to drive consumer engagement or an intimate wedding reception, we are passionate about delivering a premium service that will leave your guests wanting more. 

If you don’t think one size fits all, then get in touch today and find out what Chrisco Productions can do for you.

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We listen to you!

Theme or no theme, no two parties are the same and we work on a bespoke basis to tailor your event to you, your guests, and your creative vision.

We will provide you with the tools to truly bring your ideas to life! Our team has the creative skills to push the event production boundaries!

The right lighting, sound, digital effects, and technical wizardry can be the difference between a mediocre event and a showstopper that takes your guest’s breath away.


Our DJs have a vast amount of musical experience to create an unforgettable atmosphere and feeling for any event.

Unlike some DJ’s, we strive to mix our tracks just like you would hear in a nightclub to ensure the best party experience possible.

Whether you need a high-energy soundtrack for a 21st Birthday Celebration or music and lighting tailored to you for your perfect Wedding Reception; we step forward and create a bespoke solution. 

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We want to make this day as wonderful as possible for you. Our preparation is as thorough as it gets


We are committed to bringing clients the very best in imaginative and unique parties and events.


We specialize in turning any company function or event into something that is both memorable and fantastic.


Who doesn’t love a talking mirror that takes your picture?! Add even more style to your event with our incredible magic mirror.

Photo booths

Photo booths really add to making an event a huge hit! Enjoy an immersive experience with our Greenscreen Photobooths!


A Christmas party to remember with one of our award-winning DJs and all the festive spirit you could wish for!

Professional DJ

Our DJs have a vast amount of musical experience to create an unforgettable atmosphere and feeling for any event.


Our LED poseur tables and cubes are a unique way of adding colour to your event or celebration.


Absolutely any occasion, any function…we have the resources and the  understanding of how to craft the perfect event.

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Work with Chrisco Productions and our fantastic team will look after you from inital planning, through to full execution of your event.