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Art and interaction come together to create maximum excitement in the CP Mosaic.
Draw a crowd, turn heads and watch as everyone in the room vies to be part of the bigger picture.


Combining the best of photo technology with the magic of mosaics, the CP Mosaic gives everyone the chance to get in on the fun and puts your brand firmly in the spotlight.

Perfect for brand activations, the CP Mosaic is designed to make an impact.


Get set to create a high-impact, stunning mosaic wall that showcases your brand, corporate imagery or photo of your choice.


The CP Mosaic is created by curating images from your guests in the room and online. Everyone is encouraged to interact with your brand as they share images from their phones or capture a picture-perfect selfie from a Chrisco Productions photo booth.


Images are then printed off as stickers in the perfect hue for the overall mosaic. Interaction is guaranteed as users must find and place their image on the right spot in the mosaic to complete the overall image!


Guests won’t be able to resist getting in on the action as they watch the mosaic slowly reveal.

Collect images via CP’s comprehensive range of photo technology, social media or an event photographer that Chrisco Productions can provide.


Chrisco Productions can create a mosaic wall to reflect your event theme, corporate imagery or brand story.


The choice is yours and the options are unlimited as we work together to create the biggest impact through this show-stopping work of photo art.


The CP Mosaic Wall doesn’t just bring together people in the room! It is a great tool to drive brand awareness online as users can use social media to submit their images and get in on the action.

Use the CP Mosaic to drive awareness of your event online. Make sure everyone is aware of your event hashtag on twitter and Instagram and increase your social reach as you build up a bank of user-generated content for future marketing purposes.

When it comes to show-stopping activations, there is nothing better than the CP Mosaic Wall.

Delivering impact, engagement and maximum fun, CP Productions will create a bespoke experience that will leave your guests wanting more and put your brand front and centre.